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                                               ViA TRANSFER
                 Frequently Asked Questions , Conditions and Terms of Service

1-How can I make a reservation?

-You can send us the reservation form by filling out the booking form on our website. If your reservation time is less than 24 hours, you can call our call center to make your reservation.

2. How will you communicate with me at the airport?
-In addition to the optional additional fee, your name will be written on the signboard or our company's logo will be greeted, the necessary information call center will give information.

3-When can I make a reservation?
- Anytime, our reservation system is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with our Call Center online.

4-Are you cutting the bill?
-Yes. Please forward your billing information when you fill out the booking form.

5-How can I make payments?
- Payment can be made in cash or on our site by credit card before payment.

6-Are there any children's seats in your vehicles?
- Yes, as long as you demand, we include a baby seat in our vehicles. Free of charge

7-Are your vehicles air-conditioned?
- Yes, every car is air-conditioned.

8-Do I have to pay extra in case of waiting or delay?
- After 1 hour of additional time from the stated transfer time, our vehicle is towed away from the transfer point. There is no additional charge for this period of 1 hour. However, due to the fact that the transfer still does not start at the end of the period, the transfer will be recorded as NO-SHOW. The fee can not be made.

9-What happens if my flight is delayed? Is extra charge required?
-We check whether there is any delay or cancellation from the system before your arrival and we send it to the airport by your driver accordingly. No extra fee is charged for this reason.

10-Are all your prices stable?
-Yes all our prices are not as fixed and extra charges as you see on our site.

11-Do you offer service to other places besides your normal route?
Yes, we will return you at full price only if you specify exactly where you want to go.

12-Can I pay with foreign currency?
-Yes you can.

13-Can I carry with you your little domestic animals in a cage?

14-Which airport do you serve?
- We have 7/24 services, including Antalya, Dalaman, Bodrum, Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul.

15 - What do I need to do for lost items?
If you think you have forgotten our car, you can call us. Our customer service representative will inform you about the necessary research. You can get your stuff from our office or you can ask for the delivery by paying the adrese transfer fee.

16-Can we take a break at any place during transfer?

17- Our Transfer Service Shuttle is applied as Shared Transfer. We are transporting our passengers to the same destination in certain time zones.

ViA Transfer reserves the right to make mandatory changes to individual and shared transport services with the vehicle type model when deemed necessary